Take your shot: Reality TV casting real-life Jason Bournes


(courtesy EA Games)

Want to catapult your iron-pumping, MMA-fighting, tribal-tattooed, land-navving, knot-tying self to fame? Well, it looks like the Discovery Channel’s looking for you.

Nationwide casting is on a reality show called “The Assailant.” The producers (who brought you the now-vintage Blind Date) are looking for service-oriented badasses of all stripes: Marines, SWAT, FBI, Black Ops, rescue workers, Navy SEALs, stuntmen/women, firefighters and police officers.

Each week,  “one-man armies” will compete in “feats of physical strength, mental acuity, and missions. The mission are supposed to be simulated big screen adventures that “demand highly specialized skills and peak performance from both minds and body.”

Better get cracking. Some dude on Facebook is already backing his friend.

[via Fit and Fearless and Facebook]

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