Carbine Competition moving forward


The Army is one step closer to launching its Individual Carbine Competition. On Wednesday, service leaders at Picatinny Arsenal invited competitors to sign up for a familiarization shoot and compatibility check.

The familiarization shoot will provide competitors 10,080 rounds (six cases) of M855A1 Enhanced Performance Rounds, aka “Green Ammo.” Though it will be offered only in 5.56 mm, the competition is open to any caliber. But chances are, if the weapon isn’t 5.56 mm or 7.62 mm, you can count it out.

The M320 Grenade Launcher and M26 Modular Accessory Shotgun System will also be on hand so industry can determine how well the under-barrel attachments jive with their respective weapons.

The shoots will be held at H.P. White Laboratory. The first shoot will be three days in the early part of the year. The second shoot will provide one day in which vendors can test any changes they made to their weapon(s).


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