Find your war zone grafitti photos a good home


We’re pleased to report that our friends at the Graffiti of War Project are progressing by leaps and bounds since we last checked in on them and their cool idea. That is to say, they’re collecting your war zone photos … of lonely latrine scrawls… of memorial walls… and of love messages on tanks.

Jaeson Parsons, the project’s head dude and an Army vet, sent us an e-mail reporting that they’d broken the 1,400 mark on Facebook (now 1,500) and that images and encouragement are flooding in.

They’ve also registered with the West Virginia Secretary of State as a non-profit if anyone wants to donate. *Ahem!*
Parsons is also planning a trip to the war zone this summer to personally collect photos, potentially for a coffee table book published by Maxim. Talks are ongoing on that one. Meanwhile, brochures soliciting more photos are showing up at MWR facilities across Iraq and Afghanistan.
[All photos courtesy of Unconventional Military Art.]

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