Taylor Swift music video features a PFC


Taylor Swift is notorious for writing “tell all” songs about the men she has dated. She follows a rule of thumb for all writers, write about what you know.

So naturally, when listening to the country sweetheart’s newest love song, “Ours”, I’m thinking who is this one about? Joe Jonas? Taylor Lautner? John Mayer? Cory Monteith? Jake Gyllenhaal?

Shockingly, at the end of the music video Swift runs into the arms of a soldier who seems to be coming home from deployment. Didn’t expect that one Taylor …

Are you a fan of TSwift? Do you think she portrays a soldier’s homecoming well? Watch and let me know.




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  1. I think that Taylor wanted to show her support for our troops and that America has missed them. I believe she choose the last name of Jones for her returning soldier because it’s one of several very common names in America and represents a broad spectrum of America. However, the song was originally wrote about John Mayer and the hassles she got over their brief relationship.

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