Odierno talks sequestration, assault rifles on Morning Joe



Chief of Staff of the Army Gen. Ray Odierno went up to New York City this morning to sit down with a couple of morning talk shows. On his second stop, at MSNBC’s Morning Joe, he did a pretty good job explaining how sequestration will affect the Defense Department, breaking it down for those outside of Washington who are still, understandably, scratching their heads over the whole thing.

Then, at around 7:05, Mika dropped the bomb.

Brzezinski: Do you see any place in our society for Bushmasters? For Americans to be able to buy Bushmasters or similar types of weapons?

Odierno explained that he believes in a weapons registry so that “we can at least keep track of” who owns what kind of gun. He cited the Army’s high suicide rate, pointing out that most of those suicides are carried out with the soldier’s own personal firearm. He did clarify, however, that he does believe in the right to bear arms.

Brzezinski:What about assault weapons, though, and people being able to buy them?

Odierno: My personal opinion is, I don’t think we need ’em.



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  1. yeah, cause if a person wants to commit suicide and doesn’t have a gun that is going to stop them. A FIREARM IS JUST A TOOL!

  2. This is outrageous! The military has long thought they are in the Nanny business, restricting when, where, and how soldiers can possess firearms – on duty and off, privately owned or government owned, on base or in private residences. Now for the COS to come out and say he wants a list of those of us who own semi-auto’s and that he doesn’t think we should have them…? But of course he expresses these outrageously unconstitutional positions in the same breath that he claims to support the Second Amendment. He’s either totally ignorant or a blatant liar. No wonder people are worried. This guy is supposed to be at the forefront of defending the Constitution.

  3. 2nd Amendment Soldier on

    Not sure why the government, especially such a senior military leader, should be suggesting we need a registry system in which owners of weapons can be tracked. We already have lawmakers recommending legislation for mandatory registration, confiscations and annual home inspections (Washington State). You should have asked the general if he believes soldiers undergoing mental health treatment or counselling should be denied the right to own firearms. Watch out the next thing you know, military leaders will be requiring all soldiers to turn in personal weapons to the provost marshal when they seek support from mental health professionals?

  4. Michael E. McAleer on

    Dear General Odierno:
    After reading your comments I find it disgraceful that a sitting Army Chief of Staff would go against the Second Amendment of the U.S. Constitution. In recommending registration and Limiting what any law abiding citizen can own goes directly against your Oath of Office. As such I respectfully request you resign your Office effective immediately!

  5. Doesn’t think we “need” them? The second ammendment say’s they are a right! That shall not be infringed! Do gooders opinions of what I need feels like an infringement to me!! When they disarm up in the north-east, and in places like Colorado, when the time comes for citizens to defend themselves I guess only down south will there be any armed citizens left to form a well armed militia!!

  6. Old Sergeant on

    General Odierno has obviously drunk the Kool-Aid from the Obama regime punch bowl. Obama selected him to be CofS. Having said that, I can’t imagine why a SOLDIER would make such a statement (since it’s so far outside his labe) unless he is engratiating himself with the Democratic Party so they will support his future political goals. Shame on you for your pandering to the supporters of the Nanny federal Government.

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