Even Beetle Bailey is not immune from post-traumatic stress

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The comic “Beetle Bailey” just got serious.

The fictional gold-bricking every-soldier – who has been in print since 1950 – was shown to suffer from one of the signature wounds of the current wars. The strip appeared in the Boston Globe on June 16, though it’s worth mentioning today since it’s PTSD Awareness Day.

The strip is part of a PTSD awareness campaign for the Red Sox Foundation and Massachusetts General Hospital’s Home Base Program, which brought in the comic’s creator, Mort Walker.

“I feel so sorry for veterans that have that post traumatic stress,” Walker, an 89-year-old Army veteran of World War II, said in a promotional video. “I would do anything to help them, even one, if I could.”

“If you can make someone happy, boy I tell you, it cures all kinds of problems people have. It’s my business in a way and I enjoy that part of it.”

The campaign intends to raise money for Home Base clinical, education and research services to help veterans and their families to recover. Since its founding in 2009, Home Base has provided clinical treatment for more than 600 veterans and family members from Massachusetts and the New England area, and educated over 7,500 clinicians nationwide to recognize PTS and TBI in their practices.


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