Hunky veterans wanted for military pin-up calendar


Brace yourself ladies, the progesterone-packed Pin-Ups for Vets calendar is set to become an equal opportunity exciter.

Calendar organizer and model Gina Elisa has announced she is seeking five male veterans — one from each branch — to star in the 2014 edition.

“I constantly get asked by female service members, ‘When are you putting out a male calendar,'” Elise told Army Times. “This will definitely cater to the ladies as well. I’m excited to go through the submissions.”

Elise said the idea was inspired by a Life Magazine photo of actress Marlene Dietrich (left), surrounded by sailors.

She said she wants veterans because they are the calendar’s main supporters. Proceeds from calendar sales benefit healthcare for veterans.

Contenders are asked to submit with their head shot and body shot along with  a video or written entry explaining why the vet wants to be  featured in the calendar’s service member group photo. Send submissions to by the deadline, 11 p.m. PST, July 17.


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  1. OK so we just had our “smut” inspections. If this was a male asking for female pictures would it still be allowed? Sounds like a double standard to me.

  2. Would prefer a great shot of photography: in uniform, doing their mission, in a historic place, with the best light possible – something inspiring – not degrading. I wouldn’t put a poster of military males without shirts on – just doesn’t seem right. Laird Hamilton is another case: his living is in the ocean. Channing Tatum – well, he is Chan!!!

  3. Jeff is absolutely correct. I personally do not see the harm in this sort of of thing, but “pin-ups” are either okay for both sexes or they are not okay for either.

  4. jason statham on

    Why would the armytimes promote this? So much for combating sexual assaults/harrasments. All that money gone to waste as is the norm.

  5. Mason , Diana on

    Please, jason.Jeff. Keep your pants on. No need for anger or dissappointment. I noticed all the participants kept their’s on for the ‘Photo Opportunity’. Oftentime, what is left unsaid and unseen is compelling and more sensual.

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