Larry the Cable Guy's visit to Natick airs Wednesday


“This is so awesome.” Larry the Cable Guy models a chest rig designed for him by Rich Landry (background) at the Natick Soldier Systems Center. The rig was made to hold Larry’s beer, cigars, lighter and TV remote control.

Blue-collar comedian Larry the Cable Guy’s meeting with the green-suiters at the Natick Soldier Systems Center will air Wednesday, July 17, at 9 p.m. EDT.  The “Git-R-Done” comic  brought the crew of his History Channel TV series “Only in America” to Natick, where they  let him play with the R&D facility’s high-tech toys and apparently put him through the wringer.

Larry had his clothing set ablaze and extinguished, he fired a laser, he sampled Natick-developed apple sauce. Finally, he strapped on the  “Ironman” ammo carriage system and M240B machine gun, and ran on a treadmill in a 108-degree Doriot Climatic Chamber.

“It’s very hot in here,” said Larry, whose heart rate rose to 138 beats per minute and skin temperature climbed to 36 degrees Celsius. “I’m sweating already.”

Finally, Larry said of the visit: “I love meeting the troops. I love seeing the things that they use out there and what they go through.”


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