(Warning: strong language) Stuff civilians say to veterans


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Civilians are always asking service members questions. Have you ever killed anyone? Is it really hot over there? So you’re Republican, right?

“I could never join the military. I can’t stand when people try to tell me what to do!”

Tell us: What are some of the best and worst comments/questions you get from civilians?



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  1. I had a wife of a civilian tell me one time that she couldn’t handle a deployment because she loved her husband too much. REALLY?

    I also had a wife of a civilian tell her husband he is never joining the military after being introduced to me and being told my husband is deployed. (Aren’t you glad somebody is joining and fighting for you.)

  2. Middle school kid asked – “have you ever been killed?”

    Different middle school kid asked – “you’re a Captain and you never killed anyone? How did you level up then?”

    Middle-aged man – “you’re in the service man?! They should really let you guys have some perks and like be allowed to drink in parks and stuff.”

    Middle-aged man downtown – his take on things: Obama is part of the illuminati, something about him and a UN post and some family that meets in the woods once a year to shape things for their benefit.

    Only thing I’ve learned from all of this – carry hand sanitizer, because they all want to shake your hand after being all weird.

  3. I was at lunch with a group of ladies from work. One of them started harping and talking down about the military. At the time my significant other was deployed for 9 months. Well finally I had enough after she said that she had heard that all the soldiers do when they are deployed is sit around and work on thier tans and hang out. And that they were wasting tax payers money. Well that sent me into an outer body experience! I completely lost it! I told her that if she said one more thing about the military I was coming across that table and punch her. And that further more until her fat ass boots up and hits the front lines to shut the f…k up! Needless to say the table got real quiet and I was not invited to lunch with that group again!LOL

  4. I was looking for a Somalia Commemorative patch or hat from a local vender near Joint Base Lewis McChord. He said, “well that really wasn’t a war”. I asked if he thought the widows of Randy Shugart and Gary Gordon thought that as they received the posthumous medals of honor for their husbands who died in combat attempting to save Michael Durant.

  5. Somalia, oh isn’t that where they shot those helicopters down?
    Somalia, oh you guys got your asses kicked there
    Somalia yeah I watched Black Hawk Down, I know all about it.
    Somalia?? That was real???

  6. What usually gets me going is when there is an assumption that veterans are somehow mentally dysfunctional because of some war trauma or ptsd~ish so called “symptoms”. When in truth, many civilians have an infantile world view, and have no clue at all what the veterans point of view is all about.

  7. I had a guy tell me it took more courage for him to stay home from Vietnam than to enlist and fight. Then he went on to tell me how hard it was at home during those years.

    What, the Marines were in Somalia? What happened in Somalia? You guys didn’t fight, you were over there feeding people.

    The best on by far too me; well it’s not like you had anything to worry about over there you had the military there taking care of you, making sure you were feed and had somewhere to stay. I Mean you had medical and everything. Hahaha wow!

  8. September 11 2001 I was woke up in the hosptial had surgry day befor having my shoulder replaced, when I fliped the TV on a get aircraft was flying ito a high rise building thought I was watching a movie no it was reality and the world came to a pause. Wife picked me up 2 days later we discused the tragady never seen so many old glory flags waving in the air and the quiet ness around me, told my wife this won’t last long. I know many people who have deployed including my Son and my self. So I guess the people have changed there underwear and are coming out of hiding to run there mouth. Amercans have lost there way in the libral way of life another day will come and the same ones will piss there pants again while the few stand up to protect them. Even though the goverment has turned there backs on God I pray that we shall pervail.

  9. LTC Roger Wilco on

    You know Roger, you make more in your military retirement than Gerry and I together make combined from our state pension, plus you get free medical care.

    Last time I checked Linda both you and Gerry could have joined the military, been shot at, wounded, lost friends, have a life time disability, endless nightmares too. But no you decided to be grade school teachers, which is cool. But I earned my retirement, its not an entitlement. So Fuck off.

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