Report: Anonymous has infiltrated the Army


BuzzFeed has posted a Q&A with a purported “active-duty Army captain and member of Anonymous”–who ironically, has asked to be anonymous for the piece. He describes “how the organization operates, his own involvement in the Arab Spring, how the crackdown on Bradley Manning and Edward Snowden has affected soldiers.”

The interviewee promised more leaks from fellow Anonymous soldiers.

“A lot [of Anonymous members]are mid- to high-rank NCOs. They are well-respected, have connections, and overly large security clearances. A lot of people who are part of the [Anonymous] culture are just dying at this point for something to come across their table that isn’t already out there. It is so easy to leak information that if you want to, you can do it.”

The interviewee claims there are members among the soldiers at Fort Huachuca, home of the Army Intelligence Center and Army Network Enterprise Technology Command.

“A lot of them wanted to get the job [there]because they want to learn secret stuff and have a better personal understanding of how the world actually works,” he said.

After Manning and Snowden, military officials signaled their awareness they’d been infiltrated by proliferating insider threat training that like ”Look at the person at your left and right. Are they espousing social beliefs that don’t line up with Army values? What websites do they go to at work?’ With the caveat that it is OK to have political beliefs that are different. You get a heavy-handed feeling.”

“Leadership wasn’t concerned with it until Manning happened. Then they read everything under the [lens]of what Manning did and it just scared them — scared them blind. They know we are in there and they assume that we are all going to do a Manning or a Snowden.”

[via BuzzFeed]

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  1. I hope your “Anonymous” members are identified and eradicate from our ranks. What you’re doing is not patriotic, it’s treason. You’re a traitor. As such, you and your traitorous associates deserve death.

  2. The American people, culture and way of life depend on you who fly under the radar. Do the right thing. We got your back.

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  4. shut up karl, no one is going to pat you on the head for sounding “oh so patriotic”, besides you sound like a fobbit coward anyway- like you got the chutzpah to carry out your unrealistic punishment. ignorant complacent sheep’s motto ” i got nothing to hide” – ya today, till its illegal tomorrow. you cant see the bigger picture, that this is a sign of how our own society is viewing the service, and the gov. this is scarier than some hipsters in masks. Manning was wrong, but Snowden is a good lesson in why you shouldnt hire expensive private contractors. now this anonymous thing- the question is , are you man enough to speak up and be labled a traitor or shut up and know your a traitor? its about the american people/ and these situations are a damned if you do damned if you dont- anonymous is assertive- which is even scarier- its not like they “stumbled on it’- this is madness.

  5. manning- is wrong, espionage, should be punished.

    snowden- a good lesson in giving away a soldier’s job to expensive private contractors who are non regimented- however, due to not being a soldier, they can have “views” – damned if you do and dont on this whole thing.

    anonymous- people who many not see the bigger picture, and cause a potentially dangerous situation or even aid the enemy-this cant take place in the military, and is worse than both manning and snowden. anonymous- should save that for the political and civilian world.

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