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Soldiers from the 82nd Airborne Division, Fort Bragg, N.C., prepare to board C-130s for a night jump. (photo by Air Force Capt. Paradon "Sil" Silpasornprasit, 615th Contingency Response Wing)

Ring Tone
The days of big jumps are back! The 3rd Brigade of the 82nd dropped more than 1,700 paratroopers into Fort Polk Monday night. It was the biggest jump since 9/11, and the largest in base history.

The brigade suffered 64 injuries, 24 of which required evac. None were life-threatening. Outside the Wire couldn’t help but notice that everyone jumped with the T-10.

The entire 82nd was supposed to already have the new T-11 static-line, nonmaneuverable parachute. The first 10,000 T-11 jumps have seen parachute-landing fall injuries cut by more than half. It cuts the PLF by 50 percent and can hold 40 more pounds. A slider takes out extension twists as the jumper goes from a horizontal to a vertical plane, and the four corner vents greatly reduce oscillations.

We’ll put in a call to find out where the new chutes are hiding.


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