How cool is your B.O.S.S.?

Your boss tells you what to do at work, but your B.O.S.S. tell you what to do with your free time.

This undated image provided by NBC Universal shows a scene from NBC's "The Office," showing Steve Carell. (AP Photo/NBC, Justin Lubin)

B.O.S.S. is Better Opportunities for Single Soldiers, a Family and Morale, Welfare and Recreation program that provides single soldiers with wholesome recreation, like cookouts, deep water cruises and white water rafting trips.

Though its not a new program (it was set up in 1989), one wonders how well it dovetails with the Army’s efforts to steer soldiers away from “risky behaviors.” B.O.S.S. looks like the Army-issued alternative to those behaviors–which may or may not seem cool to you.
“We want to get soldiers out of clubs and out of trouble, and make them better soldiers,” said Staff Sgt. Thelma Neal, the president of B.O.S.S. at Fort Monroe, Va. “There’s a study somewhere that says soldiers who participate in B.O.S.S. are not getting DUIs, they’re not getting in trouble.”
Neal, a human resources specialist manning the B.O.S.S. booth at AUSA made unsolicited eye contact, and flashed a warm grin while shaking my hand, just the type of welcome a lonely single soldier at a new post might appreciate.
Neal, now married, said that when she first came to Monroe, she was single, knew nobody, and hence sought out B.O.S.S immediately. She was connected with volunteer opportunities and a social circle.
And hey, you never know. Hanging out with singles, a soldier might find themselves no-so single anymore.
“It’s not a dating service, but it is a way for soldiers to meet each other,” Neal said. “If it happens, it happens.”

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    Will these be upgraded or will they still be recoginized?

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