May we submit… Safety Ape


Once in a great while… OK, every week, there comes a new YouTube sensation. Antoine Dodson.  The 82nd Airborne Lady Gaga dancers. The trampoline bear. We say, why not Safety Ape? He loves near beer, hates daisy chains in your CHU and he’s 100 percent ready for prime time.

Safety Ape, Safety Sumo, the Safety Guys, and Mr. Safe-T are the stars of a hilariously clever series of mullet-filled videos posted by YouTuber psykoc1own.

Who is he? Who knows? His videos,  shot during OIF 08-09 at COB Adder in Tallil, speak for themselves. Some folks have deployments filled with hardship and pain, but for these dudes, COB life was a laugh riot.

Here are a few of our favorite mullets, um, moments.

“Piss bottles? Aw, don’t get me started on piss bottles! Don’t be pissing in bottles! What if they spill on somebody or you pee on your hand, huh? Don’t know what to do with yourself then. Bottles on the floor, it’s unsanitary, baby.”

– U.S. Soldiers in Iraq – Hilarious Army Safety Video (via YouTube)

“Safety Ape generally operates behind the scenes. He uses a unique combination of jungle-required skills and ninja stealth to promote safety all around base. Where do you think all those safety banners come from?”

– U.S. Soldiers in Iraq – Safety Ape & Safety Sumo (via YouTube)

“This is going to be in the next Jay-Z video.”

– Dance Party Iraq 2009 (via YouTube)

Where did Safety Ape come from?  Where’d he go after Iraq? We have our suspicions, but reach out if you know for sure.


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