The Scorpion shows off its sting


Army photo

The XM1100 Scorpion doesn’t look like much. In fact, it resembles a miniature moisture farm from the planet Tattooine.

But this is one chunk of metal the bad guys won’t want to cross. The 145-pound networked munitions system provides 30 days of security, surveillance & screening – and can easily take out tanks and vehicles that cross its path. It has acoustic, seismic and active IR monitors that can be used as part of a coordinated attack. It has an effective situational awareness of 400m diameter – roughly the size of your favorite football stadium and much of the accompanying parking. Its kill zone is a 100-meter diameter, which is the football field and most of the lower level seating.

And the Scorpion on Monday nailed a perfect score in live-fire engagements against moving main battle tanks and medium armored personnel carrier targets. The hot environment performance testing was done at Yuma Proving Ground in Arizona.

With this key milestone achieved, Textron Defense Systems is one step closer to getting this system in the fight. No doubt there are countless battlefield commanders eager to put it to the test.


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