Military construction dollars: A snapshot


Army Times will publish a complete breakdown of the 2011 National Defense Authorization Act in the Jan. 17 edition, which hits newsstands Monday. In the meantime, here are some facts and figures from the stateside and Afghanistan military construction budgets we found interesting:

Only five of the 165 stateside requests were shot down. They include a $30-million request for a Aviation Task Force Complex at Fort Wainwright, Ala., and a $19-million commissary for the garrison in Miami, Fla. It also was a bad year for museum operations support buildings, which got the thumbs-down for a combined $74.8 million requested for Fort Benning, Ga.; Fort Sill, Okla., and Fort Lee., Va.

Fort Bragg was the big winner, with 20 projects totaling $479.6 million.

Neither the National Guard nor the Army Reserve lost or gained any funding from their respective requests. Included in the Guard budget is $21.75 million for four Tactical Unmanned Aircraft System facilities (Mountain Home, Fort Polk, St. Inigoes and Camp Ripley).

Most changes happened in regard to milcon dollars for Afghanistan. Thirty of the 65 requests for the ‘Stan were either changed or added in the bill. In fairness, the milcon hearing comes early in the year and situations change. Here are some of the changes you can expect:

In Bagram:

  • A $13.8-million consolidated laboratory was added;
  • a $23-milion detention facility (Parwan) was cut;
  • A $2.6-million dining facility got an extra $3.4 million;
  • A $2.8-million Military Police HQ got an extra $2.7 million;
  • A $35-million Role III hospital got an extra $7 million;
  • A $5.7-million tanker truck off-load facility was cut;

In other locations:

  • A $4.4-million entry control point at Delaram Ii was added;
  • A $6-million fining facility at Dwyer got an extra $3 million;
  • A $1.1-million rotary wing parking area at Jalalabad was cut;
  • A $21-million request for North Area utilities in Kandahar got an extra $5 million while a $6-million Special Operations Forces Joint Operations Center there got an extra $3.2 million. However, $40 million for two troops housing projects was cut;
  • In Shank, a $25-million ammo supply point lost $2 million, but its troops gained elsewhere. A $15 million SOF parking apron, $7.7 million wasterwater treatment plant and $6.4 million for electrical utility systems we added. In addition, a $2.4-million request for guard towers was bumped to $5.2 million , an $8 million budget for roads and utilities will more than triple;
  • Shindand won’t get the $7.7-million medical facility it requested, and Tarin Kowt’s request for a $5.5-million med facility  was turned down. But a $6.1 waste management complex was added for Shindand, and a $4.2 million wastewater treatment facility at Tarin Kowtwill get an extra $1.4 million;
  • Tombstone/Bastion had a $13.6-million Command & Control HQ added, as well as $9.8 million for paved roads and $14.2 million for a waste management complex expansion. A planned $12.8-million dining facility also got a bump of $14.3 million. But a $41-million request for contingency housing was axed;
  • Wolverine was turned down for a $5.1 million perimeter fence and $24-million rotary wing apron. But it did get $13 million it requested for a wastewater treatment facility.

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