Rockin' with the chief


Chief of Staff Gen. Martin Dempsey knows how to rock a house. On some occasions, he belts out a powerful rendition of “New York, New York.” But when putting music to presentation videos, he likes to reach the younger audience.

Earlier this week, he asked via Facebook for some song suggestions. The responses were pretty varied. A few Rogaine rockers voted for “Every Rose Has Its Thorn” (Poison) and “Thunderstruck” (AC/DC). The country crooners opted for “Find Out Who Your Friends Are” (Tracy Lawrence), “American Soldier” (Toby Keith), “Where the Stars and Stripes and the Eagles Fly” (Aaron Tippin) and “Til The Last Shot’s Fired” (Trace Adkin).

Some went the traditional route with the theme from “Patton,” “The Army Song,” “Blood Upon the Risers” (a paratrooper song from WWII) and “Battle Hymn of the Republic.” Others opted for the smoother sounds of “Brothers In Arms” (Dire Straits) and “Minstrel Boy” (Joe Strummer). One even offered Aaron Copland’s classical masterpiece “Fanfare for the Common Man.”

The head bangers’ recommendations weren’t quite as soft. They saluted the chief’s previous use of music by Disturbed, and also put in votes for “No Mercy” (“300” movie soundtrack), “Frontlines” (Nonpoint), “Hero” (Skillet), “Miss America” (Saving Abel) and “Smack Down” (Thousand Foot Krutch). Another offered “Bad Company” by 5 Finger Punch – though a quick vote for the original version by the song’s namesake followed.

Beth Shaw gets two thumbs up for nominating the 3rd ID rock band Four Horsemen of the AROCKolypse. As she rightly said, that’s an awesome name. And she offered this link to check out their original music.

If you have any recommendations, go to the chief’s Facebook page. Having seen a few of his videos, I can assure you he likes the music to add some punch.


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