Video: Scott Olsen since Occupy Oakland injury



Our colleagues over at USA Today caught up with former Marine Cpl. Scott Olsen after recovering from a head injury sustained during the Occupy Oakland protests on October 25.

Olsen lost the ability to speak for a period of time, but is slowly regaining it. With a scar above his left eye, Olsen returned to the scene of the protests where he was hit by a projectile, resulting in a fractured skull.

The 24-year-old had this to say about his experience from the USA Today story:

Even when it comes to his injury, Olsen considers himself fortunate — and not just because he wasn’t killed. He said that as a veteran he was shown more honor and treated with more respect than many others under the same circumstances. “It almost seems,” he said with a shrug, “like I got lucky.”

Below is the video from the events of October 25:


USA Today: War veteran injured in Occupy protest says he’s ‘lucky’


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