Go Army, Beat Navy!


‘Tis the season for the Army-Navy game. So to help you get in the spirit we’ve gathered a few “Go Army, Beat Navy” spirit spots.

We’ll debut the blog post with one of those comedic Action Figure Therapy spots. “Jungle” spouts off his top five reasons why Army will beat Navy in the upcoming bout. My personal favorite is number four, check them out.


Grade: A

Apparently therapy is a popular spirit spot subject this year for Army fans. Air Defense Artillery out of Fort Sill, Oklahoma is channeling the recent Geico commercial featuring R. Lee Ermey. Warning, a harsh tone is used at the beginning of this one, so turn the volume down.


 Grade: B-

U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Afghanistan Engineer District North group picked the Saturday Night Fever song Staying Alive  for it’s theme music, however, the midshipmen’s mascot will NOT be staying alive in this one.


 Grade: B+

This spot is a tad long, but check out around the 4-minute mark for some hilarious paranormal activity and the 6-minute mark for an epic dance solo.


 Grade: C

Not your typical Afghanistan raid in this video, but it could be one of the first spots featuring the Afghan National Army.


 Grade: B

Know of any other good spirit spots out there? Leave a comment below.


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