Cee Lo's medal wearing: Your thoughts


NBC’s hit show “The Voice” has been getting a lot of press.

Here’s one area where the show may be rubbing service members the wrong way: Cee Lo Green’s wearing of military medals.

A few emails have pointed out Mr. Green’s wearing of the Good Conduct Medal during a couple episodes of “The Voice.” You can see a photo of that here. He’s also wearing wings in that photo, too.

There have been a couple discussions about this online, including this one, but otherwise not much chatter.

Are you surprised this hasn’t received more attention?


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  1. Unlike the unsavory dogs who go around in uniform and claim medals to which they are not entitled, it is not uncommon for entertainers and Hollywood types to wear military medals and badges as part of their wardrobes. Most are probably unaware and their handlers are equally ignorant of the significance. They just think it looks interesting. Since Mr. Green is not claiming he earned them, about all that needs to be done is a bit of knowledge sharing. You cannot compare Mr. Green to that SOB whose case is before the US Supreme Court for violating the Stolen Valor Act. Those are the snakes we need to go after and put in jail because they are liars and using the uniform and medals for personal gain.

  2. MSG John Laigaie on

    I have not seen any evidence of a military history with this person. I am deeply offended by ANYONE wearing Stolen Valor. This bozo is wearing Military Awards and a Skill Badge like jewelry. Not good, no respect for him or his actions.

  3. He should be arrested for breaking the law. Stolen Valor act is written in plain English. It’s an award that military members have to earn not just buy and put on. It’s a slap in the face to all heritage and tradition that our service members hold dear.

  4. Ceelo Green insults all Military Service personnel by wearing both the Army Good Conduct medal and USN Pilots Wings. I served 7 years in the USN for both my National Service Medal and the Navy Pilot wings I wear with pride. Ceelo Green is an imposter and denigrates all service men of our country.

  5. Calm down folks on

    As a staunch supporter of the Stolen Valor Act, I could personally care less about Cee Lo’s wearing of the good conduct medal or naval wings. Consider it a recruiting tool for a national audience. He’s not claiming to have earned either award; and not impersonating squat. It’s comical that a guy like that would pin on a good conduct medal, and who doesn’t want to be a military pilot? I wear both, and no I’m not offended.

  6. Cee Lo Green has not earned Naval Aviator wings and should not be wearing them, period. Nor should he be wearing any other military awards or insignia. These are awards to the military people who earned them, not jewelry for some twit that doesn’t know better. His music should be banned at all military Px and BX stores for his lack of respect to the military

  7. Cee Lo is a decent guy and I’m sure that if this is brought to his attention, he will immediately stop wearing the medals.

    Has he been asked / informed about this? I couldn’t find anything on a brief google foray except reprints of the same story over and over — no attempts to contact Green.

    I also found an article that says he was wearing a Red Baron costume at the time. Hey — we don’t accuse actors in military movies of stolen valor — maybe we shouldn’t be accusing any other actor in costume, either.

    Entertainers generally wear what their stylists tell them to wear, and may have no clue about what is novelty trim and what is a genuine military decoration.

    Why doesn’t the Military Times call him up and ask?

  8. RetiredMarine on

    Civilians can wear whatever the hell they want, including military rank and medals. It doesn’t mean shit. Rank, medals, etc. only mean something if you are or were in the military. Don’t be such tight-asses, it’s not Stolen Valor, it’s flair. Get over it.

  9. As one who earned the golden wings of the Naval Aviator (though never an Army Good Conduct Medal) I find it offensive that he would chose to wear these as jewelry. I don’t feel it is an act of stolen valor. It is simply an act of disrespect towards all who have earned them.

  10. It is disrespectful. I spent 2 years after college and officer candidate school and TBS for new Marine Corps officers. Only after all that did I get to finally go to Flight School in Pensacola to vie for my Naval Aviator Wings. For 20 months of daily syllabus rides not knowing if I would progress past each individual ride which encompassed every facet of Naval Avialtion to enclude familiarization, instruments, formation, aerobatics, air-air gunnery, ground attack, aircraft carrier qualification, air to air combat. Almost giving up a few times without any prior flight time. Eventually I became a USMC F-4 fighter pilot and flew all over southeast Asia while always in the ready to defend ROK from the evil hoard from the north. I eventually made it to Top Gun and flew and instructed Gulf War veteran Naval Aviators in the F/A-18 Hornet.
    Now to tune in “The Voice” and to see Celo wearing the wings I worked so hard for as jewelry was quite a shock.

  11. Medals and decorations generally indicate something earned, not given or bought. After being medically discharged from the Army after 13 years, I personally find it highly offensive. I’ve never heard of Ceelo “voice” any support for the troops and just strikes me as a self serving person. He’s a no talent punk, that’s living in his own little world. I just hope for his sake, he doesn’t wear purple next week and put on a Purple Heart.

  12. andy veevers on

    I find it hard to believe that its even legal to wear such things if you have not earned the right to do so. I was never in the military but was a civilian pilot and would not in my wildest dreams wear medals I had not earned. It belittles the bravery and achievement of marines who have risked and often lost their lives not just for America but for the free world and no I am not an American, just a greatful Brit that there has always been an America. Lets show some respect to people who have earned them and take your hat off to brave marines who have earned these things. thanks

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