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Budget crisis brings shortages of ammo, supplies and more

The signs are everywhere. A Navy gym in Hawaii is closing earlier. Army families in upstate New York are bracing for possible cuts in on-base child care. Enlisted airmen in California are paying out of pocket for office supplies.

And in North Carolina, Marines on a range are pointing rifles and shouting, “Butter, butter, jam,” to simulate the sound of live ammo after being told there isn’t enough money for real bullets.

Budget cuts are already hitting home, and hitting hard — and they’re about to get a lot worse.

SMA details budget’s effect on readiness, new initiatives

This is shaping up to be one of the toughest years in Army history. Soldiers will lack training and gear as a result of cutbacks and Congress’ fiscal fumbles. For the difficult days that lay ahead, Sergeant Major of the Army Raymond Chandler has one directive: Soldier on.

Providing trained, equipped and ready forces to combatant commanders remains Chandler’s top priority. He is not alone in that endeavor. In an era of big budget cuts, the Army has protected funding for units headed to Afghanistan, South Korea or assigned to the Global Response Force Brigade Combat Team.


Spec ops unit receives 20 medals for tour, rescue in Afghanistan

Seven soldiers from the 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment received Silver Stars for their actions during a harrowing rescue in Afghanistan.

The soldiers, from the regiment’s 3rd Battalion at Hunter Army Airfield, Ga., were honored with the nation’s third-highest award for valor during a ceremony Feb. 22.

They were honored for their actions of Sept. 14, 2011.

Six other soldiers received the Distinguished Flying Cross, also for their actions on that day.

In addition, seven soldiers from the 160th, including one of the Silver Star recipients, received the Air Medal with “V” device for their actions during separate missions.

One other soldier, Sgt. Jonathan L. Nichols, received a Purple Heart for wounds he received in action Sept. 29.


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  1. Budget cuts have been eroding quality of life at Aberdeen Proving Grounds – Edgewood for at least two years. Security no longer matters. Reportedly, all DOD security professionals are being transferred to Aberdeen Proving Grounds-North from Aberdeen Proving Grounds – Edgewood, why? Moreover, why will APG-S only be left with 3x “rent-a-cops” to patrol the entire base including housing areas which happens to be nearby a crime ridden town? Why has the picture ID requirement been lessened to only one per car without it even requiring a DOD ID? Security at APG-Edgewood apparently warrants no concern, attention, or consideration. Without informing residents, a civilian juvenile detention facility was relocated to APG-Edgewood and 4x delinquents have reportedly escaped due to the lack of facility workers. All of these recent occurrences are setting conditions for a rise in on-post crime, unsafe conditions to raise our kids, and continued erosion of our hard earned quality of life benefits. I will strongly encourage all who serve to avoid an assignment at APG.

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