Fort Bragg cancels 4th of July shindig


Photo via Fort Bragg MWR

Fort Bragg commander Lt. Gen. Daniel B. Allyn announced Thursday that the post will not be holding its famed Independence Day celebration this year due to sequestration budget cuts.

In addition to vendors and supplies for the event, Allyn emphasized that the $120,000 in overtime hours for employees make the event too expensive under current budget constraints.

The event is more than 30 years old and draws more than 50,000 people annually, officials said.

In other news, command is looking into cutting weekend controlled burns and landscaping contracts to pinch a few more pennies.



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  1. I have held off on this rant because I know some moron will blame it on a single president when our countries debt is not due to one man but here goes my rant. I know budgets need cut but this is BS! The first thing that I thought of was Wow what BS political statement. As I read about their reasoning it made NO SENSE AT ALL. The military have contracted salaries and do not get overtime pay first of all, any outside contracts could state part time workers with no overtime, vendor’s pay to be there so up that cost for them, the 50,000 people divided by the cost is $120,000 that is $2.40 a person (charge $3 a person for entry to the pride field that would cover the “over time cost” and the cost of those collecting the money), and the statement about their main mission is BS as well! Their mission is to train, deploy, and take care of their families. Well saying F you to celebrating to a day that celebrates our country and what the military puts their life’s on the line for says a lot to these men, women, and their families! Way to cut morale morons! What a bunch of Jacks!!!

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