Army-inspired sitcom coming this fall to FOX


In the words of reporter Joe Gould, this seems like the type of the show that the Army would want to have zero involvement with, and for good reason. For instance, check out the luxurious locks on these three.

“Enlisted,”  a sitcom from “Cougar Town” co-creator Kevin Biegel, is based on three brothers in the same squad at a small post in northern Florida. There are a couple things wrong with that sentence.

Anyway, the premise is that oldest brother (pictured in the middle) Sgt. Pete Waits is sent home from Afghanistan after he sucker punches a superior officer (while deployed with the 101st? At least that’s what his combat patch suggests). As punishment, he’s assigned as squad leader above his little brothers, one a corporal and the other a private.

According to TVLine’s Michael Ausiello, “he’s tasked with leading the notoriously slacker-like Rear Detachment (soldiers whose days consist of washing tanks and getting high).” Ouch. Apologies to anyone on Rear D right now.

This is one of those shows where all the fun will be in picking out the inaccuracies. Will you tune in?


The trailer has hit the internet.


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  1. Philip Grey on

    At least with Gomer Pyle, they managed to get the uniforms and other aspects right, minus the whole inconvenient Vietnam thing. First rule of spoofing: Know something, anything, about what you’re trying to make fun of.

  2. Sean Mathews on

    That photo says it all. Cancelled after three episodes. The guy on the right is killing me. I just want to take some clippers and mow that mop off. That is, after he fixes his sleeves and takes his hands out of his pockets. Love the choice of the FORSCOM patch for this ficticious unit.

  3. Seriously, and this is supposed to be funny? This is an insult to all those who have worn or and wearing the uniform! Drop it now!

  4. They are grasping for anything ‘new’. This will not last its first season (I hope)….but then again, who would have thought Duck Dynasty would become the dominant show of this generation?

  5. Too many things wrong with this to even BEGIN listing them, but I agree with a previous comment that this is completely insulting to ANYONE who has ever served. I HOPE it doesn’t last past 1 or 2 episode. I’m just disgusted.

  6. In the late 90s, it was either UPN or WB that had a similar show called the “Army Show” it was a big mess and didn’t last long at all.

  7. Combatwomabat on

    Eh, the preview looks funny and having the misfortune of being stuck on rear-d before, the portrayal of fatties, deployment-dodgers, problem children, and malingerers seems accurate. This isn’t meant to be a documentary, it’s comedy using a context. Our military is not and should not be exempt from being satired. So far it seems tasteful. I’ll watch the pilot and then decide.

  8. The trailer is disgusting and totally disrespectful to Soldiers who are serving both overseas and stateside. The characters do not exhibit any of the Army values. I doubt it lasts more than a few episodes but I question how this came about to begin.

  9. Hmmmm, Seems pretty accurate to me to an extent. There are a lot of people in the Army that don’t belong and this portrays it pretty well. Looks like a cheesy sitcom though.

  10. Ok….considering the demographics this question is targeted at I can see why people are upset. I’ve served for 24 years and still going and I think it’s funnier then heck. It’s a slapstick show in the style of Major Dad, Stripes, and private Benjamin. Don’t get so bent out of shape over satire. It’s Fox for goodness sake. Enjoy some levity in a show we all know is full of flaws technically, but at least shows that anything is posisible. I’d love to “waters” behind a Bradley but know it won’t happen. I look forward to seeing what they can do with this.

  11. DO NOT even let this air. It isn’t even funny. It is going to be an insult especially with the 101st patch as his cambat patch. Just disgusting.

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