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On this week’s cover, the Army is offering huge perks to soldiers looking to go spec ops. Thousands from every MOS are needed to fill jobs, and the payoff includes huge cash bonuses and faster promotions.

Additionally, the 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment has opened positions to women and is actively trying to get the word out.

It doesn’t look like the Army will be tossing out the tape test any time soon, but they closing some loopholes that have allowed soldiers to cheat the system.

Soldiers who bust tape must be enrolled in the Army Body Composition Program within three working days, and once they begin, they’ll be expected lose 3 to 8 pounds a month.

There are also new guidelines for who is exempt from the test altogether.

And finally, Congress is calling on the services to cut costs, and they’re trained on permanent change-of-station moves. It could mean that service members will be spending more time  at each duty station, which could help families put down roots but mean longer waits for soldiers looking for a change.

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