NCO's feel the heat and the Army looks for cyber warriors; check out the top stories in the print edition of Army Times


Army Times cover Oct. 21

After a decade of high op-tempo that brought significant pay raises, benefits enhancements and swift promotions, the Army’s NCO corps is facing a slate of bad news.

What is at stake? Promotions, force outs, getting kicked out of the Army for minor infractions.

How are NCOs feeling the heat and how can you protect your career?

Meanwhile, SOCOM funded an experiment, dubbed “Quantum Leap,” to mine data from people’s social media accounts. Does this experiment mean operators will transform the way they work and spend less time on the ground?

SOCOM is not the only one looking into cyber operations. The Army is recruiting hundreds of computer experts for a new force of elite cyber warriors to protect the Army’s networks from sophisticated intruders.

Find out how many cyber warriors the Army wants, and how you can become one.



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