Blunt talk from Army leaders on the budget crisis; see the top stories in the print issue of Army Times



Last week top Army leaders showed little restraint as they blasted the many ways the budget crisis is crippling the service. And the problems are many: The Army secretary talked about the budget dysfunction and the Army chief of staff said only two brigades are now combat ready.  Read more on how training, gear and benefits are feeling the pinch.

Amid the budget cuts the Army must shrink its footprint. One top Army official says the only way to do that is with a  Base Closure and Realignment Commission to oversee a new round of base closings. But will Congress let that happen?

Career news: After military leaders announced a forcewide requirement for “360-degree” reviews for senior officers,  which call for comments from subordinates, some officers fear disgruntled subordinates could derail their careers. Now the Pentagon might limit the power of the reviews. Find out more.



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  1. I understand that a single disgruntled subordinate should not heavily impact your chances of promotion, but lets look at a similarly unfair situation: the NCOER.

    In the past, I’ve never received a -1 or counseling from ANY supervisors that I’ve had, in the 9 years I’ve been an NCO. Yet I’ve experienced the personal ire of a supervisor that has a personal dislike for me. This put my entire career in jeapordy, until I took it upon myself to fight through a broken appeals process.

    If NCO’s deal with this on a daily basis, why should senior officers receive any differently?

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