Soldier, UFC fighter Tim Kennedy challenges Jesse Ventura … for charity


You’ve probably heard about the distinguished member of the Kennedy family who challenged a prominent politician, one who’s been frequently targeted by the military social media community, to dump ice water over his head as a way to support a worthy cause.

If not, click here to read up, because this is something completely different:


That’s UFC fighter, Texas Army National Guardsman and noted Internet thespian Tim Kennedy, taking what appears to be a cold shower and issuing a challenge to Jesse Ventura to “donate some money to the Heroes Project.” Ventura, whose logic-defying career arc already includes Navy underwater demolition team member, American Wrestling Association tag team champion, fourth male lead in “Predator” and one-term Minnesota governor, added another unusual distinction recently, when he won a $1.8 million defamation lawsuit against the estate of author/special operator Chris Kyle.

Kyle, a former Navy SEAL, wrote in his best-selling memoir “American Sniper” about punching out an individual he identified as “Scruff Face” during a bar fight. The author, considered to be the U.S. military’s deadliest sniper, said in interviews after the book’s publication that Scruff Face was Ventura, triggering the legal action.

Kyle died while the suit was in progress. Ventura didn’t drop his case, resulting in the ex-wrestler suing the widow of a legendary special operator in an effort to protect his reputation. The fact that he won didn’t save him from online outrage.

It’s no accident that Kennedy, a former Special Forces member, brought up the Heroes Project, a charity founded by Kyle to benefit service members suffering from combat stress.

The UFC fighter borrowed the cold-water routine from a different charity: The “ice-bucket challenge” has made its way around social media, raising awareness for amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, better known as ALS or Lou Gehrig’s disease — not to mention raising money. Participants undergo the deep freeze, then challenge others to either a cold bath or a donation to ALS research.

Challenge-takers have included NFL commissioner Roger Goodell and the aforementioned Ethel Kennedy, who called out President Obama. He’ll skip the cold water and donate cash instead.


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  1. Regardless its for a good cause and calls out a wanna be in Ventura.
    Kudos to Mr. Kennedy and thank you for his service.

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