TRAILER: 'Twilight' star Kristen Stewart heads to Guantanamo for 'Camp X-Ray'


First the video, then some backstory. Key quote: “It’s not as black-and-white as they said it was going to be.”


“Camp X-Ray” will hit theaters Oct. 17, and despite multiple stories in the entertainment media praising star Kristen Stewart for this departure from the vampire-vs.-werewolf genre, the buzz hasn’t been particularly kind. The film is batting just above .500 with critics on Rotten Tomatoes, with one asking whether stellar efforts from Stewart and co-star Peyman Maadi “outweigh a scenario that feels written by a politically outraged 12-year-old.”

The above trailer, however, has drawn some interest — more than 3.5 million YouTube hits since going online four days ago.

We want to know what you think: Will you be heading to the multiplex to see Stewart don camo and deal with detainees? Or will you pass on Hollywood’s version of Army life at Guantanamo Bay? Let us know in the comments below.


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  1. Fanfuckingtastic. Now this is how every moron that believes Hollywood is be all know all will think this is how things really are. Just like the idiots who believed the hurt locker and Green zone were true.

  2. Iraq & Afghanistan Vet on

    Agreed. I don’t watch movies like this anymore because they often display some twisted (and often completely incorrect) view of what situations are really like in military environments… With the exception of just a few (Band of Brothers & Blackhawk Down would be two examples of exceptions to this).

  3. Another Iraq Vet on

    Fuck no. This movies is going to be all bullshit. Its Bleeding heart bullshit that makes these terrorists out to be nice guys. There is no way in hell I’m going to see this crap.

  4. Another Iraq & Afghanistan Vet on

    Fuck this piece of crap. Its just going to be pussy liberal, Terrorist are our friends bullshit..

  5. Yet Another Iraq & Afghanistan Vet on

    Ugh…another political, US Army are the bad guys, Hollywood “telling how it really is” movie. The civilian public will love it, and with the Army draw-down, it should help sway recruiting. Maybe Soldiers can be spit on again…good times…good times. Give the director and writers five Taliban Commanders each.

  6. Female Iraqi Vet on

    Hell No!!! First off she is showing she can’t put her emotions aside and do her damn job! As a female we had to prove ourselves! 2nd they portray these detainees as people who aren’t serial murderers!!! These people didn’t get picked up for baking cookies!!! I hope this movie flops!!!

  7. She isn’t a good actress for any part of movies. She is expressionless in everything she does. My military buddies and I won’t waste our money watching her or this movie. Get actresses that are serious about the parts they are playing especially military movies.

  8. Really the movie we all wanted about terrorist in jail. Right now they are tearing human lives literally into pieces and crucifying thousands of innocent Iraqis. Chopping the heads off children and burying people alive. This will be a joke maybe a couple yrs ago it would have been ok movie.

  9. Because of Ms Stewart I will pass. She is a subpar actress and never believable. I think if they would have gone with a different actress I would have been interested.

  10. lupe manriquez on

    When I first saw the trailer I was like wtf did I just watch? But I had to rewatch it again and it still didn’t make any sense. Not bashing on Kristen Stewart, but the idea of what the movie came out to be. Maybe if it portrayed the violence from these “detainees” instead of showing the “i didn’t do anything wrong ” bull. I might see this with free movie tickets, not paying high price when I can go watch FURY

  11. Reading yall’s comments is sad. Not every person in Gitmo is guilty for being there just like not every inmate in jail is guilty cause they’re in there. It’s a movie for profit, not a documentary based on Gitmo detainees. I’ll watch it. So what if soldiers male/female show emotions and show compassion for people. To me, we’re humans first, then combatants seconds.

  12. This seems like more political posturing to excuse the behavior of evil men. Hollywood did the same thing for Hitler and Stalin. Hollywood will contonue to villify the virtuous and the good. I may not always agree with the means to our ends but I will never stand to be counted amongst evil men.

  13. It seems like a very heart-warming movie, I think it’s worth seeing. Some may say that it’s about politics, and that may be, but it also gives insite into what some people are battling against; themselves and what they have been told, or the right thing to do.

  14. I will go see this movie. All of you military people bashing it just because you’re military. Get over yourselves. I’m military too. It’s a damn movie. It’s not trying to show that EVERYONE at gitmo is a “good guy” or whatever billshit you think. It’s a made up story about a woman soldier who meets a detainee who she thinks is actually innocent. Which is possible. Look at all of the innocent people in prison. It’s the same idea. Not a big deal people. If someone actually believes it’s real because Hollywood says so, they’re a lost little soul. Hollywood is dazed and confused and portrays everything the exact opposite of what it is. That’s just Hollywood. Is this movie liberal, hell yeah. Am I? HELL NO. But I’ll watch it. Politics aside.

  15. Hell no I won’t be watching this trash. First, I am a Army vet and damn proud that my son joined the Army and more proud that he choose to be a MP. I support him and all the other soldiers who stand for duty at Gitmo . I truly thank all of them for their service. These detainees are not there because they are our friends. They are responsible for the deaths of thousands . They throw shit on the MP ‘s that have to enforce the rules . Now the question is who is the genius that provided tech support for this movie, if a tour was given of the prison who was the authorizing officer for this , who ever is involved needs to be in the cell with these murders.

  16. Ill pass because they don’t really know what it’s like to be in the military or be a military spouse. They don’t understand what our men and woman go through. Really to me the military should make more money than they do because they are the real heroes in our lives.

  17. Garbage… Camp X-Ray was the make shift camp from 03, she was in one of the newer facilities so obviously not X-Ray. Also it’s basically a movie painting reverse Stockholm Syndrome in a positive light.

  18. A real Soldier on

    Who advises “hollywood” on the proper wear of the military uniform? This trailer had multiple military uniform issues. Made me not want to see the movie.

    I earlier comment “What a joke… Another Oscar winning piece of shit just like the Hurt Locker… Not watching this crap for sure!”

  19. A real Soldier on

    Who advises “hollywood” on the proper wear of the military uniform? This trailer had multiple military uniform issues. Made me not want to see the movie.

  20. I was stationed at GITMO for over a year and watching the trailer brought back some memories of that place. Don’t know if all of the movie was shot there, but you guys did a great job of how it looks down to how the cell blocks look. The only issue is that Camp X-Ray hasn’t been open for quite a long time and can not be torn down due to the Preservation Act signed by President Bush for any legal actions that may come later. I would like to see the movie to see both sides of the emotional tale that this story will bring. I was able to see first hand just how the detainees treated the guards, especially the females. The mental, physical, and psychological abuse that they took was tremendous and yet they came back to work everyday because of the commitment they made to the U.S military. The African-American guards also put up with some abuse that would even shock the NAACP, but they get no help and the detainees are never reprimanded for their actions because the military personnel are worried about what can happen to them if they do anything wrong to the point of being put out of the military or even doing jail time. If you would like more info feel free to email me a the email I provided if you want the true story of what really goes on down there. If the military hadn’t moved me I would have stayed as long as I could have because of how beautiful that place is and how great the weather is on a daily basis.

  21. Another liberal hipster “War Movie”; man, I missed the days when I was a kid and they made real war movies. The Greatest Generation didn’t pull any punches. These days, Hollyweird is in bed with everyone that is Anti-American/Anti-Military. Add to the list of crybaby, liberal “I will never watch in my life movie list”.

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