Army vet called ‘murderer’ for serving in Afghanistan


ZellerA veteran of the war in Afghanistan has been told he should suffer for his service.

Retired Army Capt. Matt Zeller says he fought for Americans to freely express themselves, but what he saw on his windshield crossed the line.

Zeller was out grocery shopping in Virginia Sunday when he returned to find the following note on his car:

“You should be ashamed of yourself. You are a murdered if you ‘served’ in Afghanistan. I hope you watch your child starve and die in front of you, as you have done to the people of Afghanistan.”

“I have a young daughter. I have no problem if you disagree with the war or my service, that’s your right. I went to war to defend that. But leave my child out of this,” Zeller recently told Fox and Friends.

Adding insult to injury, Zeller has been helping interpreters who worked with the U.S. military come to America so that they aren’t killed by the Taliban through his organization ‘No One Left Behind.’

“I’m only sitting here talking to you because my translator from the war saved my life,” Zeller said. “He shot and killed two Taliban fighters who were about to kill me. I spent five years fighting for this guy to get his visa to get his family over here.”

Zeller and his translator, Janis Shinwari, reunited in 2013 and have worked together to resettle over 400 Iraqis and Afghans who aided the U.S. war effort.

Zeller said he doesn’t know who left the note, but has a message for the offensive author.

“If the person’s listening I want to simply ask this: You made me angry, fine. I’m gonna take that anger and do something positive with it … I’m gonna channel it and use it and motivate it to work that much harder to help these Iraqis and Afghans, who I consider and others who served to be veterans, to get resettled here.”

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