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A dog who saved dozens of soldiers in Afghanistan and even found her way onto the Oprah Show was mistakenly killed this weekend at an Arizona pound. Target and two other dogs befriended by an Army unit at a base on the Afghanistan-Pakistan border alerted soldiers to a suicide bomber who had walked onto the compound. The dogs blocked the bomber from a building holding dozens of soldiers before he detonated the explosive. The blast injured five soldiers but only killed the bomber and one dog. Target survived and was reunited with Army Sgt. Terry Young, an National Guardsman, in…

Pentagon officials are warning commanders not to ship Army uniforms through the usual U.S. supply routes in Pakistan and Afghanistan because Taliban fighters are stealing them to “gain a tactical advantage on the battlefield.” Politico quotes a DoD message it obtained in which Army commanders were directed to treat certain uniform items as “sensitive cargo” to be flown into Afghanistan, not shipped over land, so they won’t be intercepted. Items now considered sensitive include tactical vests, plate carriers, cold weather gear and fire-resistant items, as well as standard uniforms.

[youtube][/youtube] On Tuesday, Sal Guinta will become the first living Medal of Honor recipient from the current wars. Journalist Sebastian Junger, who wrote a book about Afghanistan, worked with photographer Tim Hetherington to create this video about a man and war and valor. It’s gripping, raw and a must-see for Veterans Day.